Transmitted:Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Helbrecht
Recieved:Psyker-Acolyte Castella
Destination:Acolyte Cell #492
Thought of the Day:

My dear acolytes I understand you have just accomplished a great feat on the surface of Dalmarsha, and for that I am joyous. I find it especially satisfying to see that you all survived. I regret to throw you into the fray so soon….

Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that in haste I hired the Rogue Trader vessel to transport you to the surface of Dalmarsha I failed to cross-reference the reputation of the vessel in question. It appears that this may prove fortuitous as I have no you implanted directly into Captain Lykoon’s vessel.

Lykoon is a man of rather ill-repute, and is well known in our circle for trading illegal xeno-technology, relics, and curios to private collectors. While this is frequent behavior with these traders that we often overlook Lykoon has taken it a step too far. We have it on good notice that he is not only transporting xeno-tech, but may be smuggling actual aliens on his vessel! I, nor will anyone else in the Inquisition tolerate such behavior, and as such I am giving you the high authority to conduct exterminatus on Captain Lykoon himself, and anyone who gets in your way. While all the crew may not be guilty of this treason, they are all most definately suspect.

I have deployed a regiment of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, and a company of Deathwatch Space Marines that are racing towards the ships position as you recieve this in the case you fail me, but if your actions on Dalmarsha are any evidence I know that this would have proven an unncessary risk.

May the Emperor Guard You,
Inquisitor Helbrecht


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