Heralds of Abhorrence Dossier

Transmitted:Ordo Hereticus Operative 3482
Recieved:Dalmarsha High Command
Thought of the DayPain is an illusion of the senses, despair an illusion of the mind.

It is my sad displeasure to notify you, High Commander Gribe, that the situation on the ground in Dalmarsha has escalated beyond your ability to control. While the Emperor is eternally grateful for your vigilance against the heretical cult,”The Heralds of Abhorrence,” we in the Ordo Hereticus feel that it is time for us to escalate matters. In addition to the 49 regiments of Imperial Guard, and 4 companies of Adeptus Astartes space marines from the Howling Griffons chapter we have allocated you I will be sending you agents of my personal retinue.
End Transmission

Dalmarsha Dossier:

Enclosed is all the information regarding the escalating situation on the planet of Dalmarsha that you should find pertinent to your mission.

A millenia ago the Inquisition uncovered and eradicated an extremist cult on the target planet, Dalmarsha- a thriving Imperial world reknowned for it’s agriculture. The cult found its routes amongst the disenfranchised field workers and quickly gained a foot hold in the planets few metropolises. It, as all heresy does, offered false promises to those weak in heart. The situation quickly came to a head and the planet was launched into a civil war that was stamped into extinction by the even quicker action of the Ordo Hereticus.

Unfortunately, it seems that not all members of the opposition perished, and after a millenia blasphemy has once again found a foothold into the hearts of Dalmarsha’s citizenry. The new cult hails itself as the, “Heralds of Abhorrence,” and preach heresy of the highest order. They denounce the God-Emperor of Mankind, and wish to self-rule away from the Imperiums guiding light.

After the assassination of the planetary governor war was unavoidable. Imperial forces once again quickly brought down rebel forces on the ground (although door-to-door action still persists in the cities, and the majority of Herald leadership is believed to have withdrawn from the capital city of Gregminister to a nearby cave/tunnel system known as the Flowstone Caves.

The Flowstone Caves are the true reason your kill-team has been assigned to Dalmarsha. I dare not send in non-Inquisitional forces as close contact fighting with Herald units. Heresy is always in the minds of reasonable men… The Imperial Guard units may be put at risk by simply laying their eyes on the blasphemous writings that decorate the walls.

Your mission parameters are simple, but vital to the efforts of keeping this world. You will make planetfall, and meet with High Marshall Gribe. Gain his trust, intel, and permission to enter the mines then exterminate everything you meet in the mines with extreme prejudice. May the Emperor watch over you.


Heralds of Abhorrence Dossier

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