Castella (Carly PC)


WS: 31
BS: 36
S: 30
T: 22
AG: 25
INT: 33
PER: 37
WP: 45+
FEL: 37
HP: 14
FP: 4
Armor: Head-2 Right Arm-1 Body-2 Left Arm-/ Left Leg-/ Right Leg-/

Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic INT), Tech Use (INT), Literacy (INT), Trade ( Copyist INT), Psynience, Invocation

Talents: Chem Geld, Minor Psychic Power, Pistol Training (Las), Sound Consititution +1, Psy Rating 1/2

Traits: Crowds, Caves of Steel, Hivebound, Wary, Throne Wed

Equipment: Metal Staff, Laspistol (1 Charge pack), Psy-Focus (+10 Invocation), Knife, Sanction Brand, Quilted Vest, Flak Helmet, Gang Leather (right arm)

Missile Weapons:
Laspistol: 30m, RoF: S//, Dmg: 1d10+2 (E), Ammo: 30, Traits: Reliable

Melee Weapons:
Metal Staff: Dmg: 1d10

Psyker Abilities:
Target Level: 7
- Half Action 50m Range
Attack versus Willpower. Target fires at nearest creature, falls to ground, and must use stand action. Every 5 points over affect extra targets
Distort Vision::
Target Level: 8 (Free Action) Teleport 10m away. Until next turn you are “invisible” All attacks against you require a Psyscience skill or suffer a -30 to hit your character.
Target Level: 8


Castella (Carly PC)

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