Log of Completed Sessions:

XI. Heralds of Abbhorrence
XII. Smuggling

Transmitted:Ordo Hereticus Operative 3482
Recieved:Ordo Hereticus Gothic Sector HQ
Thought of the Day- Pain is an illusion of the senses, despair an illusion of the mind.

My Lord Inquisitors it is my pleasure to announce the recent purging of heresy on the planet Dalmarsha. My operatives (Kaluminati, Castella, and Novus) succesfully fought their way through the Flowstone Caves after making planetfall, and engaged the blaspheming leadership of that foul cult.

Every member of the strikeforce performed exemplary. Some notable acts of valour include: -Castella’s powers proved to be fortuitous as she disarmed a warp-spawned magic seal that had prevented Imperial Guard forces from entering the cave.

-Kaluminati stood gallantly against a rogue servitor that dared upon fire the agent of the Cult Mechanicus. Reports citing that the Tech-Priest stood out in the open drawing fire from the heavy weapon that miraculously never scratched him.

-Novus managed to slay an abominable daemon that the remaining cultists managed to summon with numerous well-placed shots to the creatures head.

The current situation on the surface of Dalmarsha still remains a reason for concern, but with the majority of heretic leadership laid to waste it is only a matter of time until High Marshall Glotinus Gribe and his forces have the situation under control.

Inquisitor Helbrecht

Transmitted:Ordo Hereticus Operative 3482
Recieved:Ordo Hereticus Gothic Sector HQ

After discovering that the infamous Rogue Trader Lykoon was smuggling xenos through Imperial space (identified as Tau by witnesses) I dispatched my Acolytes to bring a halt to the mans illicit activities. While the acolytes performed admirably in a raging gun fight versus the Trader on the bridge they failed to complete their objective, and to my dismay actually AIDED the xenos in escaping the ship!

They were brought to justice by the Inquisitional Storm Troopers I dispatched to retrieve them from the listless vessel when their crime was uncovered. I had suggested letting the regimental commissariate to put them to a quick death in front of the ships crew, so that they would know not to ever cross the God-Emperor’s divine law again, but felt that these acolytes special skills might be put to better use…

As such I am now handing control over to the Ministorium for them to be assigned to a penal colony/legion, or be utilized however you feel fit. May they serve the Emperor better their hands than they did in mine. The trice-damned fools have made a mockery of me amongst my peers.

Inquisitor Helbrecht



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